October 2010

Two prominent Houston Medical Center physicians, Uday Doctor and Michael McCann, banded together to form SpineCare Consultants, utilizing new techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of back and neck pain. They developed these new techniques when they were regularly approached and encouraged by neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons to assist in finding the source of pain prior to operating on patients.

While x-rays, CT scans and MRIs are very good for showing abnormalities of the spine, they cannot tell you whether or not an abnormality is causing the pain. It is now known that 50% of Americans over the age of forty will have abnormal MRI scans but will have no back pain.  It also means that MRI scans may not show the origin of the patient’s pain.  If the source of the pain can be located prior to surgery, the success of the surgery will rise dramatically.  Also, many people with hip and shoulder pain may actually have a problem in their spine that is causing pain. Because of the techniques of SpineCare Consultants, all of these problems can easily be diagnosed prior to surgery. Remarkably, as these techniques have been used to isolate the source of a patient’s pain, it has been found that a significant number of patients also had remarkable relief of their pain.

Patients Show Favorable Response 70% of the Time

The latest studies in major medical journals show that people with sciatica-type pain will respond 70% of the time to the injections and may not require surgery.  These procedures use a continuous x-ray machine to locate the different areas of the spine as the physician places a small amount of local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory compounds in those areas.If the pain is gone after the local anesthetic has taken effect, then you have a diagnosis The majority of people will get the answer to their problems the first time the evaluation takes place.

Pain sometimes has a ripple effect, bringing physical, emotional, economic and social stress to the patient and the family. Often accompanying a medical condition, injury, or surgery, pain may not be addressed as a problem in itself. Spinal injection procedures help to determine the exact source of the pain by selectively numbing or pressure testing only certain parts of the spine.

Different than Pain Management Procedures

Pain management physicians may keep using the same procedures, even if results are not obtained. The technique used by SpineCare Consultants differs in that the focus is to make an accurate and exact diagnosis first, so that treatment can be precise.

SpineCare Consultants has reached a new frontier in the treatment of neck and back pain with advanced technology to give more permanent relief for arthritic and degenerated discs.  Once we have a diagnosis, we can now find the nerves to the joint that is causing arthritic pain and cauterize those nerves to give relief that can last for a year or more.

Many patients have a lot of pain in their neck, shoulders, hip, back, arms and legs for years, and have never been given the correct diagnosis.  Patients and SpineCare Consultants find it frustrating because now there are such simple answers to these problems. The only answer is to educate the public so that they are more informed as to the range of diagnostic and therapeutic options that are available to them to improve their quality of life.

For further information please go to  In the conditions section you may want to view the videos under hip pain, which are hip arthritis and lumbar radiculopathy (sciatica).