Spinal Procedure Helps Beaumont Couple Resume Retirement Plans

After working for over 35 years, Phil Hilliard of Beaumont, Texas, eagerly looked forward to retirement where he could play golf with friends, enjoy his grandchildren and travel with his wife Thelma.

However, just a few years after he retired, Mr. Hilliard’s leisure plans started to unravel due to an increasing pain that stretched from his left shoulder to his upper left arm. “I spent nearly two years in pain, which steadily grew worse,” explains Mr. Hilliard, age 65. “The pain was so excruciating that I couldn’t enjoy my normal activities, including golf. Eventually, I was in so much pain that I could only sleep sitting up in a chair. That’s when I knew that I had to get this problem resolved.” Mr. Hilliard was told by his doctor that he would need surgery to correct the problems in his shoulder and arm. “After several tests including a stress test and an MRI, my family doctor said a bulging disk in my upper back was causing the pain. He recommended that I see a neurosurgeon and told me to expect to have surgery to correct these problems,” says Mr. Hilliard.

“Frankly, I wasn’t very keen on having back surgery, which seemed risky and would require a long time to fully recover. A good friend who had similar problems recommended that I talk with Dr. Uday Doctor before I considered surgery. My friend had been successfully treated by Dr. Doctor and urged me to visit with him first.”

Within a few days of contacting Dr. Doctor’s office in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Mr. Hilliard met with the physician. After reviewing Mr. Hilliard’s medical tests and records, Dr. Doctor believed he was an excellent candidate for a spinal procedure, which would eliminate pain caused by an inflamed nerve along his spine.

A week after meeting with Dr. Doctor, Mr. Hilliard had the procedure in an outpatient treatment center at a major hospital in the medical center. For Mr. Hilliard, the spinal procedure got his retirement plans back on track. He is enjoying golf and other leisure activities again. “My friend’s recommendation to see Dr. Doctor was the best advice I received. Dr. Doctor understood my pain problems and took the time to thoroughly explain the procedure to my wife and me. He is a very honest and sincere person, listens to our concerns and is easy to talk to,” Mr. Hilliard points out.

And like his friend, Mr. Hilliard also has sent several relatives and friends to Dr. Doctor, including his wife. Mrs. Hilliard also had the procedure to treat pain in her lower back and leg.

Dr. Doctor believes that more patients will seek this form of treatment as the population ages and experiences more pain problems. Dr. Doctor explains, “I think we are entering a new era of how we treat people with long-term pain problems. In the past, patients were told that their solutions were limited to numerous medical scans, expensive surgeries, long-term pain medications, and months or even years in physical therapy. Our procedures offer a viable, effective and affordable alternative for a majority of these patients. The main problem is that most patients never hear about this option and remain uninformed about important health choices. We are very excited about the positive results that our patients are achieving and look forward to helping others have a healthy, enjoyable quality of life.”